Our Company

Hawthorn Finance Limited is a modern and internationally known financial company situated in United Kingdom. We represent the traditional banking practice of equality, stability and strength.

We deliver timely, unique and expert financial services by working closely with AA rated banks whom we hold strong partnership alliance and assure excellence, towards exceeding our client's financial expectations.

We combine traditional banking discretion with modern financial dynamics, which make us your main choice in offering international business or project financing and restructuring to companies and individuals in need of finance with the use of our cash backed financial instruments. Each member of our dedicated team holds detailed knowledge and understanding in a wide range of the financial sector enabling us to offer our clients with the very best advice.



Client testimonials

"At Hawthorn Finance Limited, Financial Planning never appeared simpler. We were extremely happy with the professional services and advice we received. Upon entering the premises, you are always made to feel welcomed."

Liam Anderson
Outreach Corporate limited.


"Very big thank you for helping us sort out our Standby Letters of Credit, we really appreciate the effort and hours you put in just so that we were able to get our refinancing sorted."

Joy Mèrgot
Boom city Inc.